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“No child should be born with HIV; no child should be an orphan because of HIV; no child should die due to lack of access to treatment,” urged Ebube Sylvia Taylor, an eleven year old born free of HIV, to world leaders gathered in New York to share progress made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

We have halted and begun to reverse the epidemic. Fewer people are becoming infected with HIV and fewer people are dying from AIDS.

We must be proud of these successes and the potential of our shared future—breakthroughs in a prevention revolution are at hand with a new microbicide gel holding promise for a whole generation of women who will be able to initiate usage and take control of their ability to stop HIV. Political breakthroughs will be achieved as more countries abolish discriminatory practices led by voices of a new law commission, and Treatment 2.0—a breakthrough that could save an additional 10 million lives.

However we are not yet in a position to say “mission accomplished”.

Growth in investment for the AIDS response fl attened for the fi rst time in 2009.

Demand is outstripping supply. Stigma, discrimination, and bad laws continue to place roadblocks for people living with HIV and people on the margins.

To fulfi ll Ebube’s hope, we must break the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic by redoubling our eff orts to ensure countries meet their goals towards universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. We must leverage the growing integration of AIDS with maternal and child health and all of our Millennium Development Goals.

We know that there are solutions. We know that there is political and societal will to bring change. Th e real challenge is following through. Th is new fourth decade of the epidemic should be one of moving towards effi cient, focused and scaled-up programmes to accelerate progress for Results. Results. Results.

Michel Sidibé
UNAIDS Executive Director
Under Secretary-General of the United Nations

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